Aliya Leigh
Chapter 14

Emma and her father entered the restaurant, which was elegant and rich. The hostess wore a black evening gown with the straps off her shoulders and her hair was pinned up in a French twisted bun.

The restaurant was high class. The waiters and bus boys were dressed in tuxedos and the waitresses were dressed in black evening gowns. The square tables sat four people per table and the centerpieces…

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Chapter 13

The next day, she saw Paul in school. “Paul, wait up!” Emma called. “Hi, cutie,” she flirted when she got closer to him.

“I’m not going out with you,” Paul said immediately.

“I’m not thinking about that; I’m thinking about the game master,” Emma said.

“What about the game master?” Paul asked.

“Do you know the game master?” Emma asked.

“What? Why are you asking me this?”

“I know we’re not supposed…

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Chapter 12  

One night, Emma was playing the game.

“Let’s get even, shall we? Let’s get Ted back. PJ told Royal to call him if she needed any help with Ted,” Emma said.

Royal called PJ and talked to him. She picked up her keys from the desk, got into the car, and left. A few hours later, she came back.

“Am I still in control?” Emma wondered.

Royal called Mr. M and they talked for a while. Emma couldn’t see…

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Chapter 11

A week passed and Emma and her friends were still playing the game. They mentioned it to each other, but it seemed the game had a different feel to it that they couldn’t explain.

Soon, Emma noticed her friends’ actions were the same as the game. Emma thought about it briefly, but dismissed the thought.

One Saturday, Emma was playing the game. Royal was doing well on her job and got promoted twice.

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Chapter 10

After eating, Louisa had to use the bathroom and left Emma by herself. A waitress came over to bring her a glass of water. She looked at Emma and said, “I know you want to stop. Set Peter up and you can stop playing the game.”

The waiter left.

Emma was shocked and thought about what the old woman and waiter said. “It’s just a program,” Emma whispered.

While Emma was in deep thought, her mother…

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Ethical Hacking
Guide to Ethical Hacking: Tools and Free Tutorial on Ethical Hacking What is Ethical Hacking?

Computer hacking is a practice with many nuances. Intent, whether benign or malicious, is often in the eyes of the beholder. When examining the root cause of a website hack or application exploit, it pays to follow the money. A hacker will be motivated by whomever or whatever is sponsoring his or her…

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The Hack Cookbook helps you write Hack code by giving you examples of Hack code. It is written in Hack and is open source. If you head over to GitHub, you can read the code, check out the repository, and run it yourself. The recipes in this cookbook are small examples that illustrate how to use Hack to solve common and interesting problems.

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Interactive Hack tutorial

Welcome to our interactive Hack tutorial that demonstrates many of the major features of the language. Simply step through each of the exercises below, and follow the instructions in the comments at the top of the code.

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